Everyone is still focusing on the wrong issue when it comes to this whole situation involving Depression Quest. You’re missing a major point in all of this. Zoe Quinn made a game about depression and that game was used as a way to build her reputation. In doing that, it exposed corruption in gaming journalism that everyone knew existed for years, but this time, there was actual proof. What she and all the other individuals involved should be addressing is why that happened. Why, from my view, was the use of something like depression exploited? Why did all those gaming sites allow it? This isn’t something that should be ignored. There was a legitimate mockery of depression and mental illness that happened here and it needs to be discussed by those involved.

With this whole Zoe Quinn situation, I think there’s a bigger story that people are missing here. This all started because she created a “game” about depression. If that didn’t exist, none of this would have happened. To me, I’m bothered that she used the topic of a mental health issue to make a name for herself. I personally don’t feel she wanted to help people with mental illness and spread awareness about it in any way. She’s spending a lot of time on Twitter trying to correct the details of this situation, casually talking about how people are telling lies, but how about an apology to those who deal with depression and other mental illnesses? How about owning up to lying about wanting to help those people? How does someone suddenly forget about why they did something? The only way I can think that happens is if they’re motivated by profit instead of passion.

At what point does the truth become unbelievable? At what point does someone flat out say, “I don’t believe you”? Everyone has experiences in life, experiences that define them. From the people they meet, to the places they go, all of that in some form or another makes them who they are. How can you know if their experiences allow them to understand your past? The facts exist, but what good are they if they’re labelled dishonest?

365 days later, what now? I didn’t expect to be here anymore, so really, what now? Is there some hidden path that’s going to open up for me? That never seems to work. Anytime I find one, it just leads me back to where I started. Is there something I’m still missing in all of this? Have I not done it right? I’ve spent years being loosely connected to people that no one even notices when I’m gone anyway. I didn’t want to be here 12 months ago. I still am and have no idea why.